Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Did you know CERT?


Computer Emergency Response Team???


Did you know about US Cert Homeland Security.


Go to this site about your computer security.


Hope this will help you.


See this video


Hope this will help you out and get your life back again.


And stay out of trouble outside.

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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Remember Davinci Malware can infect both Mac and Windows.


DO NOT copy your previous files that you work with to your clean computer.


Document any incidents on a notebook or notepad, write the date and time and place.


Do a video recording of your innocent.


Do a video recording to your computer what is happening.


I don't know, if you intend to sent the infect file to F-Secure.


You have to send the infected file via Air post to Finland. If you want to and write a letter.


Corporate Headquarters &

F-Secure Corporation
Tammasaarenkatu 7
PL 24
00181 Helsinki

Tel. 358 9 2520 0700
Fax 358 9 2520 5001


You can always send the infected file via online to F-Secure.


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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Make sure you see the videos and the links that I have given you.


That is all I can help you.


Hope you get your life back on track again.


Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

You are amazing for taking soo much of your time to help me, you don't even know me. For that thank you so very much. I've had great response here and hope the team at F-secure sees about my situation and maybe offers help or takes interest .

It actually is only a Mac computer that I have . Everything I told you is happening is not on windows, it's on my MacBook Pro 10.9.3.

I've kept a written journal and I've already tried to make a police report. But walking into the police department saying" a large company is ilegally monitoring me and has infected my computer with a virus no one in the police dept. knows anything about , oh and my IP address us giving off the wrong IP range. Well they don't respond well.... They think your crazy and tell you to call IC3 which is an automated recording.

Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

This site and suggestions I've been given are the best hope ive had yet. As far as disinfecting my computer I don't think it's possible for me on my own to do at this point. I just don't know how long this will go on for? If I buy a new computer will they do it again? Is my phone compromised ? I just don't know without some real help .

But thank you! Really thank you for all you've suggested, I'll take what I can and do everything possible .
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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

If you follow what I told you.


Half of the battle have been won!!!




Sometimes the malware did not come from you, maybe you accidently get your computer infected.


If someone have a heart to sabotage your computer.


That can be possible also.


First, just do the steps that I given you.


Don't buy  a new laptop yet. See if this steps works.


Remember don't copy back the backup files. It is infected!


Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you one thing.


Disable you Parental Control on your Mac OS X.


Make sure it is disable and turn off.


The reason is because I suspected that someone is already gain access to your computer and remotely desktop to you mac with Parental Control turn on!



As long as you don't go to the infected site in the internet you are safe.


If you have Apple boot camp.


Make sure you install malwarebytes on your Windows OS.


Hope you follow all the hints that I given you.



When you redo or re installing your Mac OS X.


Make sure you do it on your own.


You cannot ask someone to do it for you.


Because people can just create a user account and take complete control of your computer.


You must learn how to do things yourself. You cannot rely on others.


Don't click to the link you don't trust.


Or any email attachment.


Always do a scan on email attachments.


Follow this tips from US Homeland Security on computer security issues.


You must learn the hard way and adapt to new technologies.


Do not let others play with your computer. Even friends.



Did you read the links that i've given you. And did you watch the video clips?


You must read and see.


Then you will know what I'm talking about.


Then you know how to prevent this things from happening again.


Like got infected with malware and viruses.


This is a learning curve that you need to know.


If you think you are still under threat.


Then learn art of self defense.


Like learning aikido. Like Steven Seagal??? (You watch Steven Seagal Lawman -


So that you can disarm the bad guys.


If you want a firewall on your Mac.


You can use,


One thing about mac is that you have to buy every piece of software. It did not come with Free.


I just trying to help you out. Hope this will solve all your problems!!!



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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Summary tips on Macbook Pro security tips.


1. check to see if your root user account is enable.

    Change the root user account password and disable it.


2. check to see if Active Directory is enable.

    Change and disable Active Directory.


3. Make sure all Sharing are untick and disable under Sharing System Preferences.

    Take note of Remote Login, Remote Desktop, VNC enable on Remote Desktop or Screen Sharing, Internet Sharing, File Sharing. Go to the option one by one and disable and untick all the settings.


4. Check your Network settings.

    Make sure Internet Sharing is not enable. Your network is not bind. Make sure no Apple Airport is enable and  configure in your Mac.


5. Disable your Parental Control.


6. Do not use root and admin account every day. Create a Standard user acccount.


7. Do not install Java.


8. If you need to use Flash. Make sure you check whether you have the latest updates.

    Google Adobe Flash about, check to see if you have the latest version of Adobe Flash.


9. Do not use Internet Explorer if you are using Apple Boot Camp.


10. Do not use Apple Safari. Use alternative browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

 Make sure you keep the browser up to date.


11. Go to Apple Apps Store and Update your Mac Operating System.

Go to Apple Security Update web site.

To check for all apple product security updates.


12. Enable Firewall via Firewall System Preferences and tick or select block all incoming.


13. Buy or use a good Anti Virus program, Like Intego, Avira, Dr Web Light for Mac antivirus. Do a Full Scan.


14. Use a First Aid strips to cover your web cam. Do not use the computer in the toilet or in your room when you are changing clothes. Do not turn on the computer.


15. Be aware of any computer security issues by visiting to CERT.


16. F-Secure blog and Intego web site. And also the SafeMac website.


17. Do not install any third party remote desktop program.


18. Go to terminal command. At the command prompt type w and hit enter.

See if you see any other user logon to your computer.


19. Record a video if you find out that your computer have been compromise.


20. Reformat your hard disk and zero out and reinstall back your Mac OS X.

Do not reuse or copy over your back up files. It might be infected!!!!


21. Go to apple feedback. http;//


22. If you see any mouse moving around your computer. Your computer is being remote desktop! Some one is controlling your computer remotely!


23. Do not use the same password on your user account.


24. Do not let someone access to your Mac. Be it your boyfriend, friend, siblings etc.


25.Use KeyLemmon Biometricss on your Mac.


26. Be wary of Adware, Spyware, Botnets & Malware on your Mac computer.

Do not click site which you think it's not safe! Do not download anything from CNET Download it contain adwares or spywares!


27. Enable your Gatekeeper setting. Under Security System Preferences.


28. Do not reuse your Time Machine Back Up files to a clean refresh MAC OS X.

It might be infected!!!


29. keep tab on everything you do in the internet.


30. Always remember what you do, DO NOT assume.







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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

If you are using a PC.


Download Malwarebytes and do a FULL SCAN.


Use F-Secure Antivirus. Or alternative antivirus program like Bitdefender, Emsisoft, Hitman Pro, Superantispyware.


Use Comodo or Outpost firewall.


Do a Full scan on all your computers.


Do not install any third party remote desktop program on your PC.


Enable your windows firewall if you do not intend to use other third party firewall. Make sure Block All Incoming rules.


Disable any Internet Sharing, Remote Desktop and Remote Assistant.


Update your Windows OS.


Update all your Programs that you use if the software vendor have release a new updated version of the program that you use.


If you suspect any unwanted link do not click.


Do not Download from CNET Download website because it contains adware, spyware. etc.


Be wary of any up to date malware, spyware, botnet issue by visiting known Antivirus company blog web site.


Do not download anything from email attachment files. It may be infected. Do a full scan on any email attachment files.


Install a antivirus program on Your Android Smart Phones and tablets.


Do not use the app in Google Apps Store if it is infected with Android trojans and malwares!


That goes the same to your iPhone and Windows Phone. Use Antivirus program!


Always check with US-Cert Homeland Security.





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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

I think last month apple have release 10.9.4 mac os x updates.


Read Apple Knowledge base steps that i have given it to you.


Take your time to learn.


It will be rewarding if you know how to do it yourself.


Take your time learning the ropes.


Once you get the hang of it. Things will be alot simpler later on. And you know what to do.


Go to the library and borrow  Maverick for Dummies or iLife for Dummies or Maverick the Missing Manuals books.


Read the book and learn at your pace and do hands on!


Do not rely on others to do it for you.


You must be tech savy!


I too learn the hard way. There is no one to spoonfeed me doing everything on a computer. All are self taught at my end.



 If you buy and own the computer, you must learn how to use the machine / computer.


Same like buying a sewing machine.


 Go to and Good site on your mac.


Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.


I had my ISP company come check the wiring at my apartment to see if it's been tampered with, he checked my network and told me my IP ADDRESS ( when connected with Ethernet hard wired into the wall) had a completely wrong IP range than what they use. It should be in the 100's and mine starts with 23. So this morning I did a check to see where the IP I have is originating from.... It pin pointed the actual building DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT! I called regarding this, the detective disagreed it could give me an exact building , I have a picture I told her, she took my info and said she'd call back. I'm assuming I won't hear from her . I did tell her the whole situation. Now my fear is even more confirmed , law enforcement IS behind this, and EVERYTHING about it is illegal .
Wish me luck