Question about the Firewall and VPN.


Question about the Firewall and VPN.




This question might be abit advanced, but I'll do my best to be as clear as possible.


I use a VPN sometimes, the VPN goes through my normal internet connection. Because of that it kind of limits me, when the VPN goes down my normal connection takes over, making it unsafe for me to continue.

Is there a way to set a rule in the F-Secure Firewall to block a certain program, or everything unless it goes through the VPN?


I want a certain program to have rights to send and recieve through the VPN, but it should be blocked completly while I'm using the normal internet connection.


What do you think?


Re: Question about the Firewall and VPN.



no, F-Secure Internet Security can not switch rulesets automatically. You need to use Client Security and a policy manager.


You could allow certain ports only be allowed to a specific IP (VPN-IP) and deny the rest, but this can not be done per application


Please explain the use case:

- How should an Information that you want to send to a server behind the VPN reach the same server through open VPN?

- Do you hope to get better protection from a http-prox in your company than with browsing protection and F-Secure?

- Are you afraid that your application might post confidential data across the internet to a server that you do not know?




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Re: Question about the Firewall and VPN.




Basically what I want to do is to transfer files through the VPN, but if the VPN connection somehow is lost I'm afraid the program would just keep sending the files using the normal internet connection.


I want a more permanent type of VPN that is always on, and if it is not on there should be no way to send or recieve any data.


Oh and I should add, it is not always a server I send files to, sometimes it is to another computer. But maybe you are right, the server or computer should not be able to receive the files unless they are connected through the VPN. I'm more used to dialup VPN I guess.


Thanks for your input though.