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see the link provided for factors taken into account for "Usability"

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A Gui of a Securitysolutions is in my opinion not a reason to select a product!


Normaly i will install a Security Software and i hope i will never see the GUI again Smiley Happy

Yes the launchpad is not the best solution but i don´t care if i need to klick 2 or 3 times to get to the Userinterface.


The main reason for a Securitysolution for me is:
Not heavy on my machine and good protecion!

I trieded a lot of solutions but FOR ME F-Secure is the best.

No slowdown and a good protection!

I use it on the machines and i have never had any malware!


So i have to say: Thanks for the protection F-Secure!

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Hi Hexo,


I do agree with you that F-Secure is a very good product.


However, according to AV Comparatives there are 10 products with a detection rate between 99% and 99.8%.

Now a normal/regular consumer will choose a product with a familiar look, which will make the user comfortable to use, not one with a weird interface.


Still not clear why F-Secure needs an icon in the task bar /bottom right corner which will send me instantly to F-secure website to buy something else , and how this is beneficial versus having an icon which will open F-Secure interface.


Well, enough talk about this issue, let's move forward.





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"which will send me instantly to F-secure website"


there are 2 or 3 aplets to select, and if you select "F-Secure" then it leads to website.


And, I guess it should display link to website not just "F-Secure" text...