Internet Security shows 100's of subscriptions, and keeps saying 'you are not protected'.


Re: Internet Security shows 100's of subscriptions, and keeps saying 'you are not protected'.


Not sure I fully understand:

Is the problem that you got a fake key or that you downloaded a fake product?


Actually, neither.... sort of. It seems as though the key I used, which was offered in a non-Fsecure forum as an 'extra' subscription, was grouped somehow with many keys. It worked for a few days and had a year by expiration date. After the first day or so, Fsecure reported that I was no longer protected, but that there were valid subscriptions available for use, and gave me the option to perform verification (push the button). I did, but I thought it odd, so I looked at my subscriptions and there were over 150 on this one key. I decided that it must have been too good to be true, so I went to Fsecure, like I have always done, and bought a new key. I put it in, and all was well.. until the next day, when FS again reported all my subscriptions were in use and I was no longer protected. Apparently, by putting in my NEW key without uninstalling FS, I had now grouped my new key with the wad of other keys being spoofed. I could go through the uninstall from another computer thingy every time I wanted to get a valid key back, but the next day it will be back to the same situation. That is when I contacted online support, and we are still trying to sort it.  When it ever does get resolved, I will post again.


I have learned a valuable lesson. You cannot get 'something' for 'nothing', and never trust that something someone is giving you for free is necessarily them trying to be nice. I have purchased each successive years subscription directly from Fsecure for many, many years now. I should have done that this year, but I thought it would be cool to save a few bucks. I really screwed up.


Thank you, btw, for the suggestion of malware removers. I have used malwarebytes for years, as well as a few others. Too many people do not know the advantage of using these free, yet very powerful, products along side a fine security product, such as F-Secure. :)