How do you like/not like F-Secure?

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Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?

Hi DJ69,


Thanks for the links.


Can it detects unknowns, government unknown viruses something simialr like finfisher. NSA Prismn???


All pen testing exploits? RDP exploits, Remote Assistant exploits, any third party remote desktop exploits??


Any unknown PUPs.


I still have doubts!


Does DeepGuard and Behavioural Blocker available in F-Secure Antivirus??? Instead of the F-Secure Internet Security???

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Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?

Liked it, but now hate it.

Main reasons;

No working firewall

Bad service

No way to set update behavior manually or disable it.


Well and all the other things like the CCF scanning problem.

After uninstalling F-Secure I went from a 10 min bootduration to 1min ! (on some PC's)

So I will only advice against buying it, thank you very much.