How do you like/not like F-Secure?


Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?

Have you tried the "chat"


I have been able to reach them every time in the AM...



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Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?

Hi maedie,

Sorry to hear about that and I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

That sounds like you had reach our Sale Office general line instead, kindly refer the links below to contact our Technical Support. Service hours for English Consumer channel is 24/7.

1. Online Support Request.
2. Email Technical Support.
3. Call Technical Support.
4. Chat Online with Technical Support.


Best Regards,

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new" -Albert Einstein

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Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?

Have used F-Secure in both home and business versions since 2003?. Products work and support is excellent. Most people who have support problems, are not using the correct phone numbers or following instructions.


Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?


I'm a new user of F-secure IS and exactly I test it on my PC.


I had some problems with installation et I've used  the chat. First impression : great costumer services. I'm very satisfied.



I've a license  of :  emsisoft, avast IS, avira IS, bullguard, webroot SA, Bitdefender total security.

I tested all these softwares and I can compare,  F-secure is very good.

Light on the system but some few lags when scaning.

Now, I use it on combo with webroot SecureAnywhere and there's not problem. I test it with some malwares 0 day...Good reaction and clean well the PC.


I appreciate this software and I intend to buy it


In conclusion:

great costumer services

Very good protection against malwares


I would like to test 2014 beta, I proposed my services but I wait...


Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?



I came to the same conclusions and went in for a 2 year license... I am very pleased with the PC and Android performance.  I am a former Agnitum / Outpost user who has a also tried Comodo, Privatewall w/ Microsoft Essentials, Avast, and Panda. I also like the soul commitment of the company and direction. 25 year in just doing internet security says something!


Have you looked up the user infection and community (cloud) response... Speed is amazing...






Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?

Having been a user and "reseller employee" since the Data Fellows days ('98/'99), most of my experience prior to this last week has been good. 


However, my upgrade to FS Internet Security 2011 and 2012 to 2013 on three different systems over the past week or so has been the worst technology experience I've had since at least 2005 (own post on the way).  I'm not feeling too charitable towards F-Secure right now, and would not recommend FSIS 2013 at all.


(No I've not done anything in the way of support yet; but previous upgrades haven't required more than a reboot, and not 3 days of troubleshooting and debugging.)

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Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?

Can you name the problems?
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Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?



Windows Firewall is NOT a full proof of protection.


You have to create your own Firewall.


Nobody like to buy a product that simply just using a Windows own firewall.


When there seems to be many remote desktop attacks, F-Secure did not have that level of protections and detections!


These is what I encounter!


Deep Guard did not detect it as a malicious behaviour, when it really does when Cybercriminal starts remote controlling your computer.


F-Secure did not detect such detections!


Even my computer is being hacked into many times!


Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?

dislikes:  Now has many false positives on the website block list


No support whatsoever for the Charter Internet Security Suite version, they refer me to Charter who knows absolutely nothing about it.  After several phone transfers you can find someone who knows it exists but they know nothing about the software.


Charter points finger at f-secure, f-secure points finger at Charter


like:  no malware/viruses in 6 months


Re: How do you like/not like F-Secure?



I would like to invite you to read this whitepaper in regards to Deepguard and why it work well with WinFirewall...


(In fact, I wish many would read this actually...)