How do I renew F-Secure Internet Security?

This video tutorial shows you how to renew your F-Secure Internet Security subscription.

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Renewing your F-Secure Internet Security subscription consists of two steps:
  • Purchasing the subscription through our online store, and
  • Activating the code.
  1. Renew your subscription
    • From our website
      1. Go to the F-Secure Internet Security website.
      2. Click Renew now.
      3. Select the desired package (1 or 2 yrs), then select Renew now. This opens the shopping cart.
      4. Fill in the necessary information such as your address and payment method, and select Continue.
      5. Select Buy now to confirm your order.


    • From the program
      Note: The Renew link only appears 45 days before your subscription is about to expire.
      1. Open F-Secure Internet Security.
      2. At the top of the program, select the Renew link. This opens a new window.
      3. Select Buy online. This takes you to the online store and opens the shopping cart.
      4. In the shopping cart on the Order information page, select the number of computers (up to 3 computers), enter your postal and email address, and your payment options, then select Continue.
        Note: The length of the subscription is taken from your previous subscription.
      5. Select Buy now to confirm your order. Your new subscription code appears on the Done page and is in the confirmation email that we send you after renewing.

    You may also see reminder notifications that pop up in the program at intervals. These are triggered to make sure that you renew in time and stay protected. As soon as you have renewed, these reminders naturally disappear.

    When you see a renewal reminder, select Renew now and follow the same steps as above for renewing through the program.

  2. Activate your code
    1. Open F-Secure Internet Security.
    2. At the top of the product window, select the Already have a new subscription code? link. This opens up the F-Secure setup window.
    3. Enter your code in the box: To renew your current subscription, enter the new subscription code
    4. Select Continue.

      Your subscription is renewed.

Pricing & Product Info

For product info and pricing please go to the F-Secure SAFE product page

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