How do I allow a blocked site


How do I allow a blocked site

I want to know How to allow a blocked site? I used to just hit the allow website button on the page but that doesn't work for some reason. When I attemp to press it nothing happens, it is as if the link is dead. Any suggestions on how to fix it?


Re: How do I allow a blocked site



Broken "Allow website"-button is not designed situation. So good to create fsdiag (also if your stuck is stable);

And transfer it to F-Secure Support (just as investigation about reasons for this situation);

I able to think about some potential reasons (including browser's own settings or third-party extensions/addons as reason)...

BUT just as workaround or potential fix-steps:


--> You able try to restart system and re-check "if 'Allow Website'-button work already";


--> OR you able to use "List of allow/deny websites":

on current time -> steps to do this (for Windows platform):

- Open Main F-Secure UI;

- Switch to 'Tools"-tab (or by Browsing Protection module settings);

- Find the "Allowed/denied websites" and add URL under allow-list;


Maybe there can be another steps/workarounds or potential troubles. Or if your platform about Android/Mac (?!) or so;


--> Also you able to transfer "blocked website" to F-Secure Labs (if there is "safe" website and blocked randomly):

It can be useful for re-rate website; But can to take three-four workdays;