How do I activate a subscription code after renewing F-Secure Internet Security?

This article applies to you as follows:
  • If you have already renewed your F-Secure Internet Security subscription, and
  • If you have already received a new subscription code.


You can find the subscription code as follows:
  • In the confirmation email that we send you after completing the purchase process, or
  • On the Done page, which is the final page in the purchase process when you purchase online.

If you have not yet renewed your F-Secure Internet Security subscription, take a look at this article on how to renew.

Activating the code
  1. Open F-Secure Internet Security.
  2. At the top of the product window, select the Renew link. This opens up the F-Secure setup window.
  3. Below Enter subscription code, enter your subscription code in the box.
  4. Select Continue.

    Your subscription is renewed.

Pricing & Product Info

For product info and pricing please go to the F-Secure SAFE product page

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