How can I wipe my Android device remotely?


How can I wipe my Android device remotely?


If you have lost your mobile device or it has been stolen, you can delete all the information stored in your device to prevent anyone from accessing it. This requires, however, that you have set up the remote Anti-Theft.


When you wipe your device, Anti-Theft deletes all your personal information stored in the device. The information cannot be restored once it has been wiped.


The remote wipe performs the factory reset, which removes all user data from the device’s memory. All system folders, internal memory cards and drives, and external memory cards are wiped. With memory cards, the remote wipe breaks the index table because, for example, it may take a long time to wipe a large memory card. When you try to access the wiped memory card with the broken index table, you are asked to format it. As memory cards are easy to remove from the device, we recommend that you store all valuable data in the device memory.


To wipe your mobile device remotely:


  1. Send the following SMS message to your device:
    #WIPE#<security code>
    (Example: #WIPE#abcd1234).

When the device is wiped, all data stored on it is removed.


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