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How can I limit the time my child spends on the PC using Parental Control?

Want to control how much time your children can spend on their devices? Find out how you can limit the time your child can use the device.

Note: You must first set up Parental Control. You can find the instructions to set up Parental Control here.

  1. Log in to the computer with administrative rights.
  2. Open Internet Security.
  3. Click Browsing Protection from the bottom navigation bar.
  4. Select your child's user account from the list on the left pane.
  5. Once you have selected you child's user account, click Settings.
  6. On the left pane under Parental controls, select Time limits.
  7. Switch the slider to te right to activate the feature.
  8. Mark the times of the day that PC usage is allowed. You can also limit the number of hours your child can use the PC, with weekdays and weekends having different settings.
  9. Click OK to confirm the settings.
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