How can I contact support?


How can I contact support?


If you encounter a problem with Mobile Security, create a support request.


To help us to help you, provide the following information:


  1. Problem description
  2. Phone model: tap Settings > About device > Model number
  3. Serial number: tap Settings > About device > Status > Serial number.
  4. Subscription key
  5. The IMEI code of the phone (To find out the IMEI, go to the dial screen and type *#06#, or tap Settings > About device > Status > IMEI)
  6. Your mobile phone number in international format
  7. Version of your F-Secure Mobile Security (tap More and select About)
  8. The Android firmware version of the phone: tap Settings > About device > Android version
  9. List of all other software installed in the phone memory

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