How can I allow an application that DeepGuard has blocked?


How can I allow an application that DeepGuard has blocked?


Sometimes DeepGuard may block a safe application from running, even if you want to use the application and know it to be safe. This happens because the application tries to make system changes that might be potentially harmful. You may also have unintentionally blocked the application when a DeepGuard pop-up has been shown.


To allow the application that DeepGuard has blocked:


  1. Click the product icon in the system tray to open the main user interface.
  2. Click the Tools tab and  Application permissions. The Monitored applications list is shown.
  3. Find the application that you want to allow.
    Note: You can click column headings to sort the list. For example, click the Permission column to sort the list into groups of allowed and denied programs.
  4. Right-click the Permission column and select Allow from the pop-up menu.
  5. Click Close.

DeepGuard allows the application to make system changes again.


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