Failing Annual License Renewal Process


Re: Failing Annual License Renewal Process

Dear Ondrej


Thank you for at least making the late effort to reply and apologise for what was frankly a disgustiing lack of help when I needed it most. Unfortunately you are too late.


Because I spent so much time on the 'renewal' issue already, and because it was such an intensly horrible experience from start to finish, I don't want to accept 'the money' from you. Money does not solve the problem, as the problem lies in the following: -


  • Threatening scaremongering alerts within the product to coerce the customer into renewing
  • Unclear renewal process - ambiguous language/instructions
  • Failing renewal process (no downloads downloaded from within product or from direct website)
  • Nil customer service and help at the point of renewal purchase and attempted download
  • Late customer service well after the 'renewal event' was over (your message above)


The product is working on two out of my three computers but I dare not enter into the vortex of frustation and misery by attempting to download F-Secure IS to my third upprotected computer. It is just not worth the trouble, as no doubt I will expereince the same horrors all over again.


Instead - perhaps you can help me?... by recommending (1) another paid Internet Security provider instead of F-Secure, and (2) a free Internet security package for my third PC (Wn XP)  that will see me through to the end of the current F-Secure licence I have ( about a year) when I will switch to another provider. This would be real help for me.




Re: Failing Annual License Renewal Process

I sympathise with your frustrations.  Renewal of F-Secure is not usually such a fraught experience for most users.


Do you still wish to have F-Secure installed on the third machine?  If so, is there anything we on the forum might be able to help with?  If so, we would need to know what previous actions have been taken in trying to renew / install the product, a description of what the failings were (if other than you've already said), and what the situation is now.  Assuming you have a valid subscription key, did you try uninstalling the 'expired' product, then downloading and reinstalling from scratch?  A new installation usually prompts for the subscription key in the first stages.

F-Secure Product Expert

Re: Failing Annual License Renewal Process

Hello Jolly_Roger


You will understand that I cannot comply with your first request, while I do assume it was not meant sincerely anyways  Smiley Wink


But I am willing to provide you with an entirely new subscription key to circumvent your renewal problems as you asked for.


However, since we cannot exchange personal data like contact data or licenses keys publicly in this forum I would kindly ask you to open an official support ticket and refer to this community thread. Instructions follow.


I will take it then from there. Hopefully we can your third computer back to a protected state so that you can safely connect it to the internet again Smiley Happy


With Best Regards,