FSIS2012 crashes Chrome on Vista 32Bit ?


FSIS2012 crashes Chrome on Vista 32Bit ?

Upgraded FSIS2011 to FSIS2012 on Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 - 32 Bit.


Google Chrome V 15.0.874.102 now crashes all the time?


Problem not being experienced on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 - 64 Bit with same Chrome version.



Workaround: Untick / Disable:


F-Secure Launch pad / Computer Security / Settings / Computer - DeepGuard - Use advanced process monitoring.



Support call to follow.


Support Call Logged (Number: 1-481535334)



F-Secure Product Expert

Re: FSIS2012 crashes Chrome on Vista 32Bit ?


deonpb has reported issue resolved is the support case reported. This error appears to be related to some other programs.


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