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Just like addition. Today I created new experience around DeepGuard (and FS Protection version) for checking some of previous words... so I just placed here some points about (when user with somewhat reason decided to close DeepGuard... which certainly means ignore-close.. where need to choose decision-variant):


-> I get six prompts (by DeepGuard)  per one application (and probably it's not a limit as number of prompts).

about different destination (IP) - such as... application with trying to network connection with some of destination (various three addresses or optionally ports);


-> But THREE (as probably max-limit) for one destination. It's mean three prompts about trying to network connection under one IP/port... and between of tries... for another addresses. And already after "Three about one" (as first destination).... application goes be with connection (for current IP), but DeepGuard prompted about other still....  but just six prompts (as limit with local situation).


-> AND... it's looks like... that maybe.... here can be limits about security-cloud work?! Such as it's not possible to create a lot of connection with short time-line?! For prevent any "blocking"-points by system-security-mechanism (around tcip as example and applications, which can be malicious).


AND..... maybe here can be something around cache anyway?!


-> Because... when... six prompts happened. Next launch goes be already without DeepGuard prompt (potentially... fifteen minutes?!).

But re-copy application for another folder (any) ..... already create situation, when DeepGuard again able to prompted. Again six times.. with current sample.


-> And also.. each "close by close-button" goes be marked (by Notification history/Chronology) as "application was blocked by DeepGuard". And now I check DeepGuard Storage... in fact.... it does not goes to DeepGuard storage as blocking application.


-> Finally after a lot of tries with that... I get situation (already when I blocked application during DeepGuard prompt)... when trying to launch application (which marked as blocked under DeepGuard storage) comes without DeepGuard prompt about it (which should be there and was before some tries). Just system prompt about "not able to launch... because hooked around rights). Such as... prompt not created, but all actions around work (Windows journal, Chronology list, Action, DeepGuard storage information refreshed).


Sorry if it was without helpful or interesting information. Maybe I already forget some things also.


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 Can I use NoVirus EXE Thanks Radar Pro or Voodooshield with F Secure IS ? 

need I VS or ERP with F Secure or it is not necessary?


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There's a thread here: Security products that complement F-Secure AV/IS

If you scroll down to @Blackcat post you'll find EXE Radar Pro. But please read my post too Smiley Wink


Don't know about Voodooshield but as a general advice try searching or asking at http://www.wilderssecurity.com/

That's the number one site for security IMO. The users at that forum seem to keep track of everything. I've even seen my posts here quoted there many times (as an example of what they cover)


Re: [FSIS 2014] question about DeepGuard

F-Secure-Team, what is now with this behaviour?