F-Secure gone wild with blocking websites


Re: F-Secure gone wild with blocking websites

I've noticed this morning that google.com is now redirecting to google.co.uk for me. 


Re: F-Secure gone wild with blocking websites

Em, maybe it's different in Business products to find the online statistics. I see you have Client Security.


I tried all sites again today and nothing blocked.




Re: F-Secure gone wild with blocking websites

NiikK: Yeah, I was wondering if that could explain it as I have gone over everything I can come up with and still cannot find the statistics you were asking for. My F-Secure is provided to me on my personal laptop courtesy of my University.


I'm in a bit of a rush right now, but at the moment at least policymic.com seems to work again, however, for example, youtube does not work.


ps. Can anyone hint me towards an internet resourse that could help me understand all this stuff? I.e. material that is written to, well, idiots. I would very much appreciate some approapriate links! I hate being so helpless whenever something goes wrong, that's not how it should go.


Re: F-Secure gone wild with blocking websites

For Home versions you can download User Guides, but I don't know about Business versions. What you can do is click help (a picture with a question mark) in the F-Secure application. From there you can browse the content or search, to get more information about how the product or a specific function works.


The .js harmful files you encountered is only a small part of a web site. Certain web sites can use hundreds of javacripts from entirely different locations/web sites. If a javascript is blocked it can affect some functionality on the page but it's not necessarily a visible one. For example: everything looks like usual but when you click a button nothing happens because that particular javascript was blocked.


That YouTube doesn't work sounds strange. I can't see any problems with it. It could be an ad or something that is blocked on it.


Don't know if this would be helpful or confusing, but if you're curious you can enable Developer Tools in the browser, F12 in Internet Explorer or Ctrl+Shift+Q in Firefox. A short example from policymic.com where I've highlighted a javascript from another web site:



I use https://www.virustotal.com to scan both files and URLs (web addresses). It's a multi-engine scanner with currently about 50 different anti-virus(AV) engines. F-Secure is one of these engines when you scan a file, but not when you scan a URL (don't know why)

It's safer scanning with 50 than only one, right? Smiley Wink  For example a scan for www.policymic.com gives the detection ratio 0 out of 53 scanners, while js-agent.newrelic.com/nr-100.js gives 1/53. It seems that .js reference is now removed from policymic.com so it's now "clean".


I think the important things to know about multi scanners in particular is that it increases the risk for false positives(FPs) which means it wrongly identifies a site or a file as malicious. So if the results are only 1/53 chances are it's still clean.

Also the results can change more quickly than scanning with only one AV.

F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: F-Secure gone wild with blocking websites

Hello all,


The issue you experienced was most certainly a false positive.
Are you still experiencing any problem(with youtube for example)?

Some trusted websites might indeed get blocked due to the add that are shown on the websites.
When an add is serving out malicious ad's (Or in the case of an FP believed to be malicious) the whole of the pages that display ad's from them might get flagged.
In most cases the pages are safe just that the ad's are not or in this case might have been a false positive.

Concerning the statistics they are indeed not shown similarly on our corporate products(Which Client security is as pointed by @NikK).



Thank you

Best Regards



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Re: F-Secure gone wild with blocking websites

If F-Secure accidently blocking the URL site.


This is a must!


Report the matter to the  F-Secure SAS team immediately.


By submitting a false positive URL to this link.




Register your account from the link above and log in, so that F-Secure SAS team can response to your reply if you have any link that have been block accidently by F-Secure.



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