F-Secure Safe on Android and parent control on iPhone


F-Secure Safe on Android and parent control on iPhone

Couple of comments and questions after I purchased an F-Secure Total license.

  1. I have installed on my phone (Android) F-Secure Safe and Freedom. In the notification area I have permanently two notifications, that the F-Secure safe is active and that Freedom has secure n amount of apps. Freedom is not active. That is just anyoing that those can not be wiped away.
  2. I have installed the parent control settings to Android and iPhone. Android works. Even I read that app control is not supported for the iPhone it is not working at all. Time restrictions is simply not working, no time is counted, the phone can be used after bed time as well. That makes me even think if I should ask money back.
  3. What a parent control when I can't on the mobile phone quickly change the settings. Meaning to give a child an extra 15 min just for the one day. Block or unblock it. No there are only those weekday settings and each app individual settings. But as said, I can't even do those settings on the phone, only via the web page and that you can forget on the mobile phone.

All in all, the idea is good but the product is not working for a family with multiple users, different needs. I would expect a huge amount of updates but especially a trusworth working control also for an iOS. If that does not work I can direct uninstall it, wait for iOS 12 where Apple should have fixed that control stuff as well.


Any ideas and solutions welcome. 

And I hope this one here is not the only solution to get the time restrictions of the family rules working:


Re: F-Secure Safe on Android and parent control on iPhone

Hi VoLe,


First of all, thank you so much for providing your insights on F-Secure Parental Controls. Your points are valuable for us to improve our products and features. I'd suggest sharing your feedback on our Feature Request page, https://community.f-secure.com/t5/Feature-Requests/idb-p/Idea_Exchange .


For your second point, at this moment this is the solution to overcome iOS Parental Controls limitation.