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F-Secure Safe Android / Guardian for kids / Major Bug


Re: F-Secure Safe Android / Guardian for kids / Major Bug

@etag99 wrote:

Safe is just not on after a while of use. Also there is no "battery manager > protected apps" in Honor 8 Lite menus



Maybe good to contact their (F-Secure) official Support Channels:

chat as example (when chat is available).

With two concerns:

-- Knowledgebase article is not applied to all devices / situations;

-- To receive valid workaround or confirmation about likely fixes;


Just as own steps: maybe possible to doublecheck if your device with equivalent of noted options (or ability to choose F-Secure SAFE as 'privileged' application against its termination).

Otherwise - good if F-Secure Team with abilities to add something (or it is provided by Android platform) against this kind of situations.