F-Secure SAFE and Windows 10 - cannot restrict profiles


F-Secure SAFE and Windows 10 - cannot restrict profiles



I have dowloaded today my F-secure on my new computer which has Windows 10

I don't seem to be able to apply parental controls and browsing restrictions for my children as I can only see one profile, mine and I am the admin

Instead, I have no problems on my laptop which has Windows 7


What do I need to do please?


Many thanks 




Re: F-Secure SAFE and Windows 10 - cannot restrict profiles



Most likely fresh installation comes with F-Secure SAFE 17.0

While with previous installation your experience still about F-Secure SAFE 16.5;


Recent F-Secure SAFE update/upgrade with fresh design-feature as "Family Rules":

- https://community.f-secure.com/t5/F-Secure-SAFE/F-Secure-SAFE-Family-Rules-setup/ta-p/96301

- https://community.f-secure.com/t5/F-Secure-SAFE/How-can-I-limit-the-time-my/ta-p/95451

- https://community.f-secure.com/t5/F-Secure-SAFE/How-can-I-block-web-pages-by/ta-p/95450

- https://community.f-secure.com/t5/F-Secure-SAFE/What-are-the-content-types-for/ta-p/95441

If you mean that your experience about:

--> Windows 10 and one user account (your), which also able to use your children;

Most likely you able to set up certain Parental control/Browsing restrictions - but it will be valid for you too;


If your children with certain restricted account under Windows 10 - you able to login under it and F-Secure should prompt (or give ability) to set up Family Rules as "Kids"-profile;


With any of meanings (since you also able to set up Time Limits/Content Blocker for your own account) there should be useful steps like:


--> Login to My F-Secure Account;

--> Choose your profile/device and "Settings" (or Parental Control) - where should be possible to re-edit Time Limits and Content Blocker.


Sorry for my reply. Also you able to re-check noted knowledgebase-articles;

There possible to do steps like "install" F-Secure as "kids profile" from first (if there one account) OR choose it under certain user's account under Windows device. Probably it covered by articles (but if there some troubles or I wrongly understand certain stuck-point --> just re-ask about it and most likely there will be more good advices from other users or official F-Secure staff);