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Jayson, not sure the fix is working. My machine was particularly worse last night. Today is the 2nd of May so we are now nearly a week past the fix being updated.  I will of course check that the fix has been installed, but last time I looked it seemed that the patches were also not being installed or at least that was what the fsecure log was telling me.


I have internet connection and can download emails, so its not a network problem.  The fact that the fshoster.dll is not shutting down at PC shutdown tells me that something is not quite right with the software. Any ideas on what I should be checking? The PC is almost unusable in its current state.  The fact that FSSM is maxing out the hard drive read/writes does not seem right either. Is it always going into a scan at startup.  I have three licences and the other two machines are fine its just this one with all my work on, so I am going to have to do something drastic shortly.


But to be candid , I have thought that the new fsecure product is not  as good as it used to be and I am a long term customer of the software. It now seems to be very buggy and slow since 2011. Hopefully you will be able to restore my confidence.

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Hello ,


Please kindly download the fix from:


ftp://avhfshosterSmiley Tongue%4055w0rd@ftp.customer.f-secure.com/AVH_replacer.zip


To install the fix, you may need to do the following:


  1. Extract the zip file
  2. Run install_cmd


The fix was released to the channel but unfortunately the problematic component is related to our automatic update functionality. Thus, the fix may not be taken into use.


In case issue remain after installing the fix, please kindly open a support ticket for further assistance required:




We apologize for the inconvenience caused


Thank you

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Hiya All,

Had the same sort of problem, The AVH_replacer worked in MOST cases.

On the machines it didn't fix, I had to do a "new" install AFTER running the uninstaller.


BTW, after this (type of error) you have to do a diskcheck, because the registry can't close properly.

I even had HARD errors (plural). 


Have a good one.