Charter Securtiy Suite, New Version (Upgrade) fails install


Re: Charter Securtiy Suite, New Version (Upgrade) fails install

And,,, I guess a final update.  I could NOT find the f-secure uninstall on this website.  Searching pulls up no hits at all.  Seems kind of silly to have an inhouse unintall tool but not let anyone have access to it, but I guess thats how it is.


fwiw, here are the "properties" of the uninstall tool that the f-secure tech downloaded to my PC, and which I used when installing the suite to my spouses PC yesterday, which went without incident btw:



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

F-Secure Corporation

File version

F-Secure Uninstallation Toll 3.0

Product version 3.1.2570

Original filename "stub32i.exe"


I dunno, seems like some one could post that here in the downloads section, then anyone having uninstall issues could grab it and save a 23 day issue by having to go through Charters escalation drill.






Former F-Secure Employee

Re: Charter Securtiy Suite, New Version (Upgrade) fails install

Hi cjack99,

With regards to your question, you may need to be careful with the uninstallation tool as it might remove all product related to F-Secure in a single run. The link to download the tool is stated below:-

Best Regards,

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