CNET Download contains ADWARE.


Re: CNET Download contains ADWARE.

^ That's been my experience running other AV software on family computers.  Zero malware, hundreds of toolbars.  So I just bite the bullet and give them ESET, which in my experience has been better than even Malwarebytes at stopping and cleaning PUA/PUP.


Re: CNET Download contains ADWARE.

"Vipre, which I'm now beta testing, is promising and I wiould have difficulty to choose between it and F-Secure."


Recently a customer asked me to remove a trojan from her desktop.  When I got it back to my lab, I saw that it had a lifetime subscription to Vipre.  I downloaded MBAM and found that the PC had well over 100 trojans.  MBAM removed them all.  I recommend F-Secure and MBAM Pro.