Banking Protection issues

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Re: Banking Protection issues

Hi leaf


and welcome to the Forum. You could try;


1. As macstorm did in this thread you could start with an online Chat with an F-Secure expert.


2. Contact support here and give them "fsdiag"


Although it looks like F-Secure are setting up a new Forum page so the above link does not work at present!


Edit: Link is now working.

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Re: Banking Protection issues

Hi leaf,


Please contact Technical Support and open a Support Ticket for this issue. We need to collect the some log files from your system to further investigate, kindly generate a FSDIAG and attach together with your support ticket.



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Re: Banking Protection issues

Thank you, I will submit a support ticket.  Fortunately the support section of the website seems to be working again.  I only posted here after I had tried and failed to:


1) find the answer on the website (this post was the only related thing I could find)

2) submit an issue (I tried several times, the website came up blank; I could use Google's cached version of it, but then the form wouldn't let me submit

3) use chat for support (same -- blank)

4) call the toll-free US number in search of a human being (I got a recording)

5) find an email address I could use as a contact (could not find any)


Hopefully I'll have better luck now!



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Re: Banking Protection issues

Sorry to hear about your problems. You must have tried the support tickets at the same time I did over the weekend!!!!


Surprised at the lack of phone support from the States-it should be 24 hours according to this page;