Bank protection no longer showing.


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Just to ensure that I have not missed out on following the whole convoluted process, I have just done the following:

1. Changed Home page to

2. Re-installed F-secure

3. Checked Strict:compatibily is false

4. F-Secure, reinstall browser additions.

5 rebooted (a few times) during all of the above

6. and just for good measure, temporarily disabled all other addons




Exactly the same lack of success!


And just to really confuse myself, checked my 'Microsnot Tinternet Exploder' (because I need to desperately access my online banking systems) and despite F-secure addon enabled, the original post by Da (not seeing the 'banking protection active') still remains.


Maybe I am doing something really wrong?


Re: Bank protection no longer showing.

It's odd that changing the home page by the described, albeit convoluted, method worked for others, which suggests that maybe the 'fix' by that method was coincidental. Just out of curiosity, though, did you check that the change you'd made to that file had actually 'saved'?

Re: Bank protection no longer showing.

This is how I tested:


Close Firefox

Open Notepad as Administrator (right-click on Notepad)

Open the install.rdf file

Change the value between <em:homepageURL> and </em:homepageURL>   For example set it to:

Save the file

Start Firefox 

Go to add-ons and click "More" for Online Safety. There you should now see the new Homepage value.


Re: Bank protection no longer showing.

Success! - eventually have got addon enabled. (must have been finger problems)


Now, the original problem - the notification when accessing a an online banking page, still does not show i.e no 'popup?' saying 'banking protection on' appears.


All used banking sites are in the Allowed Website exceptions list.


So, if the addon is enabled, is it actually working on these sites?


Apologies for dumb questions


Re: Bank protection no longer showing.



But what about other features?! Rating during searching by Google (for example)?


In my situation and with my device (where have installed Firefox)..... extension installed normally...

And Enabled...


Simply it's not working :)  But I not checked it now.



Settings, of course, with Turn ON status.


Re: Bank protection no longer showing.

You can test the add-on by visiting


It's the test page for Browsing Protection and should show a message that the web site is blocked.


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@Ukko wrote:


But what about other features?! Rating during searching by Google (for example)?


If you have the add-on NoScript installed for example, you need to allow google scripts to see the search ratings.


If you don't want to allow scripts I recommend the add-on WOT (Web of Trust) to get ratings.

You can of course use both ratings too to be even safer. F-Secure + WOT   I've seen many examples(sites) where one says green and the other red, that's why I want both ratings.


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Firefox without any addons/plugins - except F-Secure extensions and maybe some of default (if it's have); Simply in my situation between F-Secure extension and Firefox new version - all features of Online Safety close to "dropped";


Also... that situation not critical for me - because I can not to choose browser like Firefox, where for any normal "settings" have to install "plugins/addons"; For example, for "Turn OFF" option "show pictures"; It's strange.

And... current trouble... I feeling.. like Firefox-strange troubles, which not certainly related with F-Secure.




About... WOT - it's nice application/company....   but it's can not be useful for me (here same with another type of "same" plugins/applications like Bitdefender TrafficLight or AVG LinkChecker (or LinkScanner?!)...)

It's too much load system, browser, surfing/browsing.

Simply also.. I not sure in quality of that realization (here not about WOT);


WOT maybe nice.. but here was just "user's rating" - it's not always are OK. A lot of... strange, scum pages... can be marked as good... just because users of WOT love it :)

But indeed can be very helpful in some situations.


Re: Bank protection no longer showing.

Hi, I have been wrestling with the same issue since I upgraded to Firefox 29.01. I believe I have done

all the recommended things seen in the thread, and certainly the OnlineSafety is shown as enabled

and is version 2.107.2548. When I visit the suggested test site using Internet Explorer, then the site

is blocked. When using Firefox the site is not blocked:


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So with this version of Firefox:


1. the "Banking Protection" banner does not appear

2. it seems you are able to visit unsafe sites

3. the ratings do not appear beside google search results


(with IE all these items work for now)


Of course now I have to re-install firefox / try to get back to version 28/ or just forget about it and

use IE.  Now I am really glad I decided to upgrade Firefox on only one of the PC's in the house !


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Re: Bank protection no longer showing.

I can confirm the same problem in Windows XP SP3. Ever since the Firefox 29 upgrade, online safety will not work. Specifically, the check mark ratings in Google are gone. And, F-secure did not block me from visiting the test site. Also, Firefox strict compatibility was not the issue. I checked the about:config menu and strict compatibility was already set to "false." The strange thing is that Firefox says online safety is enabled. Yet, it's clearly not working.