Adding another person


Adding another person

I have tried to allocate one of my licences to my son ..have put in his details but he does not seem to receive the email from f secure . Have tried several times but so far no luck 


Re: Adding another person



I tried to perform such steps and looks like that it was possible with my own experience.


Did you try next steps (?!):


FIRST Possibility (invite to your account's circle):

--> Login to your account under 'My F-Secure Account Portal';

--> Choose 'Add device' and choose 'Someone else's device';

--> Fill name-fields and mail-field

--> OK.


SECOND Possibility (trigger mail with installer-links):

--> Login to your account under 'My F-Secure Account Portal';

--> Choose 'My child's device';

--> Fill mail-field;

--> OK.

With both of possibilities -> I received letters from F-Secure.

Does it possible to re-check that:


--> letters still not available/visible?

--> letters is not placed under spam-folder (as example)?

--> to try another mail-address;

or some other steps to perform installation under his device? As direct access to system, for example.