About F-Secure Internet Security renewals

When your F-Secure Internet Security subscription is at the renewal stage, renewal reminders pop up in the product, and you also receive email reminders from us if you have provided us with your email address.

These reminders are triggered based on the purchase date of the product, not on the date when you installed the product and activated your subscription.

Once your subscription expires, you receive one final renewal email reminder.

When do the reminders start?

  • 45 days before the product subscription expires, a small Renew subscription reminder appears in the product. This reminder tells you how many days left you have on your subscription, and it reappears when you turn on or restart your computer.
  • 45 days before your subscription expires, the Renew link appears at the top of the main product view.
  • 40 days before your subscription expires, we start sending you email reminders.
  • 7 days before your subscription expires, a larger renewal reminder appears in the product. This appears once every 6 hours, or at every login or restart. This also tells you how many days left you have on your subscription.

When should I renew?

You can renew at any time during the renewal period.

If you renew the product before your existing subscription ends, you do not lose any days. The new subscription period only starts when the existing one has expired.

Once you have renewed your subscription, the renewal reminders disappear in the product and you no longer receive email reminders.

Note: Renewing your subscription in time ensures that your computer stays protected.

Where can I see the subscription information?

To find out about your subscription information, go to Settings > Support, then look under Subscription information in the product.

Pricing & Product Info

For product info and pricing please go to the F-Secure SAFE product page

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