Please remove F-Secure Key auto start


Please remove F-Secure Key auto start

I have turned off many applications which activate when my computer is turned on. This is to limit the time required for my computer to fully activate. F-Secure was one of those programs. The problem with F-Secure Key is the program  will reinstall itself when I open it. This auto reinstall is reactivating the auto start setting I have deactivated. I would like this setting to remain off.


Please change F-Secure Key to permanently prevent the auto start when I turn on my computer. I can not limit the processes activated when my computer is turned on if the programs refuse to comply or reinstall without my permission.


Re: Please remove F-Secure Key auto start



Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


There was discussion about KEY autostart:

At least, it should be possible to disable 'their' autorun key. And then MAYBE with Windows 10 (or with any other?!) -> if restart or shutdown system happened with active (KEY tray-picture is not "Quit") F-Secure KEY -> it will be visible with next system start (but sounds that it is system design).


I feel that your main troublepoint is 'reinstalling' (repair) KEY at launch; and sounds that it is still actual trouble from your previous topic:


And this autoreinstall (repair) KEY is not normal; It should be with certain situations only.

Maybe good to contact their direct Support Channels (chat as example). Kind of investigation.


If it is not an option. Maybe good to try understand why F-Secure KEY goes to 'autoreinstall' (repair) action. Some additional information is required.