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If your tablet has Win 8 pro then you should install the windows version.

Unfortunately Symbian is not listed as a supported platform.

You only need premium if you want data synchronization across all your devices.


Try these instructions that uses a mobile device for synch, so I guess you could try with your tablet instead.

I'm not sure if you actually need an "app" to initiate the synchronization from. Can someone else help out on that?


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Still I have problem.


I install program to my Windows 8 pro tablet. I Install it to my table computer (W7). Also I install it to my second computer. Okay. Now I want make syncronization between this computer.


Still I have problem. It is: Where from I can buy premium version???? REALLY I HAVE ONLY SYMBIAN PHONE! I CANNOT USE any mobile phone as buying this premium version. SO I REALLY DON'T USE THIS PROGRAM IN MY MOBILE PHONE, I REALLY WANT USE IT ONLY MY COMPUTERS!!!


If I want buy premium version, is this only way: 1, I go to Market and I must buy any Android-phone, iphone, Lumia. 2, then I install F-secure key to this new phone and get Premium Version code.


IS THIS REALLY SO POOR PROGRAM POSSIBLE BUY ONLY IF YOU HAVE ANY "INTELLIGENT PHONE"? Alibaba? ??? where from I can buy premium version WITHOUT INTELLIGENT PHONE. STILL: I have only symbian phone!!!! And I really dont want it to my phone, I really want use it ONLY IN MY COMPUTERS.


So: Where from? Shop.f-secure? Paper letter to F-secure inside paper money?????


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I understand your frustration! Until someone from F-Secure can explain in more detail how this works, this is how I understand it works:


There is no official "buy" function. You have to install the free version and then use the option "Create a new account" inside the Key application to get the premium feature.


My understanding from this article is that you should be able to synch between computers after a new account has been set up, although it also mentions a mobile device. The User ID in Key on all devices has to match, as described here


I agree that F-Secure could've done a better job in describing how this works, how to get the premium feature, and if a mobile version is required to get the synchronization feature. If the only buy option is an "in-app purchase" it does sound bad in this case. I don't know, but it just doesn't make sense that you would need a phone or tablet if you only want to synch between computers. I would be surprised if it actually works like that.


Being weekend and new years soon it might take a few days for an F-Secure employee to respond here.


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@Jouni wrote:

Additionally, in order to sync, you need to purchase the sync subscription.

This is currently only possible from the Android or iOS client.


The last user who posted in this thread wants to synch only between computers and has a Symbian mobile only. Does that mean it's impossible to get the synch feature? If that's the case I think it's not a well planned solution.

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The sync feature can currently be unlocked only via in-app subscription in Google Play or iTunes. I understand the frustration and we are working to provide solution for pure Windows environment and generally a premium subscription possibility for desktops as well. (No plans for Windows Phone release, hence Lumia you mentioned wouldn't help as of now.)


Something you might want to look at;

We also run a Technology Preview program for F-Secure Key. If you're fine with using all the latest features with beta quality you might want to head to and get Key from our tech preview programs (Windows, Mac and Android versions available, no iOS). In beta spirit all the features are unlocked, but in exchange we like to get feedback if you encounter any problems with the TP.

Note that the Technology Preview version will not sync with the main releases available in FSC public web and appstores. Only with other TPs.





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Thanks for explaining, JuhaT. So a short summary:


Until Key gets the functionality to purchase the premium subscription from desktop versions, you can sign up as a beta user to get Key(except for iOS) and synch (only) between your beta/TP versions of Key. In exchange F-Secure wants feedback of any problems found.