Linux no support


Linux no support



Recently, I contacted your sales department.

I was disappointed to learn that your product "F-Secure KEY" did not have a Linux Ubuntu version.


I was thinking of using only your Chrome or Firefox extension under Linux Ubuntu. Unfortunately, the F-Secure KEY extension for Internet browsers requires the installation of your Windows or MAC version software to work. The extension cannot work alone. That's a shame! and this regrettable.


There is no internet version of our passwords. As proposed by Kaspersky Password Manager or Lastpass.


I hope for an improvement soon.



Re: Linux no support

Hi @franco27 


At the moment, below are our supported platforms for F-Secure Key. 

  • Android 4.1 and later
  • iOS 10 and later
  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS X version 10.11 and later


This might change in the future but no specific timeframe at this point. However, we do appreciate your feedback.