Key forgot my premium subscription


Key forgot my premium subscription

What i do ??

F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: Key forgot my premium subscription

Hello Joreda,


Could tell us what is the device and Operating System on which this problem appeared?

Are all your devices affected?



Best Regards



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Re: Key forgot my premium subscription



I'm having eactly the same problem.


1. I have a F-Secure Key Premium license and still working installations.


2. I purchased a new computer (Win 8.1) and installed F-Secure Key (latest version 2.5.104).


3. After the installation was finnished I was prompted to generate master password (I used the one I'm using on other devices).


4. Next I tried to connect devices i.e. generated a synchronization code on my other device and entered it to the new installation.


5. Now the issues started:
- passwords are not synchronozed
- After I log out, I can not log back in. No error messages, nothing happens.


6. I've reinstalled the application on the new computer twice, but the issue reappears every time.


How should this issue be solved?