Key does not work in any device.


Key does not work in any device.



Now I have 3 devices with Key.


Key do not work properly in Desktop version, see problem here


I have also Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, where I cannot create any favorites, see problem here


And now, finally, My tablet computer ( Samsung  Galaxy Note 10.1 ) Key crashes immediately when I try to copy any password so it is completely useless.


Support do not react on problems.


I am considering claiming my money back and changing to some program which does work.

F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: Key does not work in any device.

Hello Mikkohi,


Sorry for the bad experience and the delays in the reply. Could you try out the latest desktop version (3.1.109)available on our ftp.


I'll also send you a private message on that matter.


Concerning the android problems, a new version 3.1.1 is currently being rolled out. Could you confirm which version of the app you currently have problems on?

Best Regards



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