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And an update...

When I open/start a new Tab that new Tabpage crashes, then I start a new Tab and it works fine. But I can live with that and can use Opera, never mind that small flaw (it's not a flaw, it's a feature  Smiley Wink


So thanks again Ukko


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My one of devices.... have troubles about Opera 22 . So, not able to check it. But do you use Opera 22 already?! because something about "new tab" and "crash" probably was on change-logs about Opera 22. :)


About other..... Nice .... that all work like can be enough for you :)

But and I can to repeat - current one tips.. not created by me... so here need to say thanks for ->


Like original source.


After that - just your action create a good situation with your device, Opera and Key :) not my words.


Anyway - thanks for thanks. :)


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I'm using Opera 23 now, and it seems that now Opera and Key are working fine together.