KEY issues with Android


KEY issues with Android


Just switched to KEY from another password manager. Importing data works, and KEY seems to be working on my Windows laptop correctly. On my OP 7T things are a bit different. Devices sync and password data is available on my phone; but when using fill windows no site/service names are visible and you have to try and guess which is the correct entry. KEY is also incapable to save recovery code on my phone. In addition, the application keeps locking itself constantly, even though it's set to lock only after a week or when manually locked. Lastly, I get random fill windows and "save to KEY"- dialogues in different apps and parts of Android system.


My phone is a OP 7T, Android version 10. KEY downloaded from Play Store. Premium license purchased beforehand.


Has anyone experienced anything similar? These seem quite odd problems, and I've never before had any issues with F-Secure software.

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Re: KEY issues with Android

Hi @samioskari 


May I know the name of browser and version using on your android phone? because, KEY for android currently supports the following browsers:


Safe browser, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.


To use Android Autofill, we need to ensure your system setting: go to  Settings->System->Language & input->Advanced->Auto-fill service, choose F-Secure KEY


If you have already enabled, please try disabled the autofill and reboot the device, then open F-Secure KEY and enable auto-fill again to see if that solve the issue.


Note: Depending on your device model, the access to the Autofill service may be different from the above. Consult your device manual for more information.


Could you also please drop here the screen shot of  guess auto-fill windows( hide the login credential if any) ? please make sure that your KEY app is not locked or open state before take a screen shot.


For KEY auto-lock and recovery mode issue, please change the Master Password for KEY app and try check again.