KEY Premium - Can't enter sync code


KEY Premium - Can't enter sync code



I have a KEY Premium subscription but recently my synchronised devices (laptops) are switched to KEY Free. When I try to enter a sync code generated on my mobile (the only one with still an active Premium subscription) I get the error message: "Could not connect to the server. Check your internet connection and synchronization code".


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F-Secure Product Expert

Re: KEY Premium - Can't enter sync code

Hello TimP


In order to better investigate this issue, could you get in touch with our support via chat or phone


It is difficult to investigate subscription issue in our community.

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Re: KEY Premium - Can't enter sync code

I have the same problem, noticed few days ago, don't know when it actually started.


Android tablet and phone are happily Premium and synched.

But two Windows 10 laptops have dropped to FREE status, cannot enter code, same error.


I am suspecting some recent Windows update.

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