Import from Dashlane still not working


Import from Dashlane still not working

Dashlane CSV will not import to fsecure key. I have tried editing the CSV multiple different ways and "cleaned it up" a lot by hand and KEY still won't do anything with the files
Error: "Import passwords, Could not import passwords from the selected file"
This should be a non issue if a specific software export file should be supported. This is the last reason I can't flip over to F-Secure products completely. 
(screenshot says auto detect but yes I have tried all the options including "dashlane CSV" as it should be)
Fsecure key dashlane CSV failure.PNG

Re: Import from Dashlane still not working

Hello @OutoMan 


May I know the version of F-Secrue KEY and Dashlane? and it will be more helpful to check this with backend team if you explain more about the fields edited/modified in the CSV file whatever you are.