F-Secure KEY and LastPass


Re: F-Secure KEY and LastPass

When I tried to run the commands, I get an error message saying: "Unrecognised file format". Could you tell me what I am doing wrong?


Re: F-Secure KEY and LastPass

Hi AdrianLeong98!


Just following-up on this rather old post, and wondering whether you were able to get this issue solved, or if you still need any help?  Please let us know!


// Chrissy

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Re: F-Secure KEY and LastPass

I'm trying to import my passwords from Lastpass, but I have this same problem.


I also get an error "Unrecognized filetype" when I run the script.


These are my steps:


1. Export passwords in csv from Lastpass as lpass.csv

2. Open the file in Notepad, save as > pass.csv > Unicode format

3. Open command prompt and run the command

4. Error...


Please help me, because I've had enough of Lastpass