Does F-Secure KEY use double encryption to protect my KEY data?

With F-Secure KEY, the data stored in the app is encrypted and decrypted only on your own device. Every time you enter your KEY master password, the KEY master password is used to generate an encryption key that descrambles your encrypted KEY data. This is done by using the PBKDF2 (Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2) standard, which adds a salt (random data) value to the password, and hashes the resulting data with the HMAC-SHA256 function. This process gets repeated 20,000 times.

Due to the double layer of encryption, the encryption key that descrambles your data is generated every time you enter your master password. In addition, the data you store in KEY cannot be accessed by anyone else. Neither the encryption key, nor your master password is stored on the device. When you turn off F-Secure KEY, the encryption key is destroyed.

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