Cannot login - master password field not shown


Re: Cannot login - master password field not shown

I am using a conventional hard drive, and Windows does take some time to boot up due to several applications and services that I need to load at bootup.


The problem occurred again today, but it seems that it does not occur regularly, only every now and then. 


Re: Cannot login - master password field not shown

Now.. I already can to repeat "practically each time" result of current trouble - "screenshot like";

But in my situation..... it's require a lot of my actions for repeating without "autorun" reason. And it's indeed... practically time-out;


Or with "autorun" by unknown certainly setting - which probably often have in Windows 7 (or something other);



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Re: Cannot login - master password field not shown

Thanks for all the help regarding the problem described here!


Even if this problem was very hard to reproduce consistently we have identified the reason. Most recent versions (v1.5) did already improve situation, but not in all cases. Problem may have continued occasionally depending on how loaded the system is on bootup and what kind of hardware your computer is running.


Next update (v1.6) scheduled for May release will resolve this.





Re: Cannot login - master password field not shown

Well, now I have some experience of newest update.


Program does start properly, but there are still two odd features:

  • firstly it loads an icon on taskbar during startup without loading the profram (I have decided not to load the program automatically)
  • secondly the minimize button does not work at all

So there is left some programming work to do.


Re: Cannot login - master password field not shown



You can will try to do next things:


 - What do you mean "without loading the program"? Require about "master-password"? Because probably Key-process should be created too.

Anyway if you don't want totally launch Key with system-start like autorun;


You can goes to "Task Manager" and part about "Autorun", where right-click about F-Secure Key and "Turn Off";

Or by "Run"->"msconfig"->"Autorun;


F-Secure Key will be without autorun with system-start and you able to launch F-Secure Key in any time after launch system. And just after that.. will be "tray-picture";


But it's will be with "require" for master-paswword. Like protection-point;




 - Minimize button does not work, but you can here use "Close";

And it's will be like "minimize" to tray;


For close F-Secure Key - need right-click for tray-picture and choose "Quit";



Sorry if I wrong understand your points.


Re: Cannot login - master password field not shown

Perhaps that autorun and removal operations work a bit differently in W8.1.


But anyway the case was that "autorun" launched only that small icon, not the program. The situation was created in the setup process of this program where I stated that I do not want autorun.


Now I have removed that operation and starting computer does not launch anything extra anymore - thanks. But still it would be nice if I could minimize the program running to taskbar (as in every other program is the case). Actually that small icon is unnecessary because every running program is shown in taskbar anyway (in W8.1 which I use only in desktop mode).


This is because I use FS-Key with that ctrl+f2 way, and I do not need to see that program table at all.


Re: Cannot login - master password field not shown

About Windows 8.1 - indeed, I have not experience with current version.


Probably next words... also will be not helpful, because maybe Windows 8.1 re-change that thing... or I a little be wrong understand some poins, but:



 - You can minimize by "close"-button in F-Secure Key Window (it's like - minimize, maximize, close);

It's will be minimze to taskbar like tray-picture (you able to replace that from "list of programs" to "main view" like language or time information; Also probably you can to edit Windows-settings about part - which programs should be shown or not, when and how);


 - And F-Secure Key will be running during "minimized" by "close"-action on taskbar, but for certainly "active"-status need to re-change settings about Lock-time;


Default setting - Five minutes; It's mean... when you minimize Key to tray/taskbar - it's will be locked after five minutes;


 - You can go to F-Secure Key  -> Settings  (top-left picture and here Settings-part)-> Choose "Lock-time-limit" - for example, most popular - can be Ten hours; Or more....or less.... related with your opinion "how long will be your casual session-work with computer and Key";


After that - when Key have limit longer than five minutes.....  you able to use CTRL+F2 for fill-feature in any time, when it's not goes to automatically lock.


 - Ten hours for "automatically lock" - not critical for protection... If you go and your computer will be without you.... there have feature about "manual-lock" Key; If you want to lock it and go to do something another without worry.. that somebody can to look your passwords on your computer;



It's mean - if autorun Key with start system already work like you want (in my experience - installer/setup was without ask about autorun-points)..... 


Next steps just: launch Key - edit settings about "lock-time" and will use F-Secure Key :)

Tray-picture (small picture) able to replacing for more "common"-place or stay as default - if it's not matter for you - here without any troubles;

Just probably... some kind of trouble in current your situation - it's "lock-time", which have default-setting now.


Sorry again - if I wrong understand. And sorry for my hard explanation.


Re: Cannot login - master password field not shown

This minimize button  (that minus sign) does not work - suppose it should?



By task bar I ment quick launch task bar (again W8.1), which is enough for me - I do not need to see that little icon in actual task bar because it does not increase information but takes unnecessarily space


You can see that program is running when the quick launch icon is emphasized. This is perhaps Winows **bleep**, but FS-key should cope with it anyway.


Re: Cannot login - master password field not shown

No, here (and probably that related with Qt5 or just with Qt-platform) the minimize-button does not work and not should be.

But here I mean - it's probably... not a situation when "should be work, but not work";

Here "Nice if that will be work, but that not work" :)


It's mean current status of "minimize-button" like "shadow"; Previously it was able to use... and will be just "another action", which not related with minimize (I mean - not minimize to tray, but indeed "minimize");


About other - I will be create a private-letter for you for less words here. :)


With current situation - probably that can be like feature or option request /edited/



Re: Cannot login - master password field not shown

Also my problems are "history". Sometimes typing master password fails, but I think it is some kind of overload situation and I am used to it.


It is also nice that ctrl+f2 fills up both fields (user + password).


So I feel quite secure :).