Automatic fill-in?


Re: Automatic fill-in?

Yes these issues are mostly when logining into sites via web browser.

But as you say I also use system wide for applications (Which is awesome by the way!)


Mac OS X 10.9.2 

Safari Version 7.0.3


Re: Automatic fill-in?

Just subcribed F-Secure Key and installed it on my all devices includin PC (W8), iPhone, iPad and iMac (Maverics 10.9.4). I followed instructions on this page which seems to be little inaccurate. Anyway I did give access to F-Secure Key app in Accessibility settings.


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 18.16.02.png

After this i rebooted my Mac and I went to some Internet page and tried to Ctrl + F2 and Fn + Ctrl + F2 key combinations for username and password fields and nothing seemed to happend. Browser was Chrome Version 36.0.1985.143.


This worked on my PC W8


Re: Automatic fill-in?



Have you been able to sort out how does the autofill work in MacBookPro with OS X 10.9.4? Today I downloaded a latest version of F-Secure Key, inserted a few usernames and passwords and when trying to use my Chrome browser version 37.0.2062.94 I am not able to get the automatic fill-in to work, not with ctrl-F2 nor with fn - ctrl - F2.


How can I get this working properly??


Re: Automatic fill-in?

Hi Sgtmp2014!

Since there hasn't been any recent activity on this thread, I'm hoping you managed to get this working? Or do you still need our help? Please let us know either way!
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Re: Automatic fill-in?

Well I did not get answer for my question. Should automatic filling work in browser because it does not work? What shoud I do to get it work?