Autofill - Does not work


Autofill - Does not work

I am using a mac and installed the product both on my mac as well as on my phone.  I am one of the premium plan subscriber as well.


I have the f-secure key logged in and then I am trying to use the Ctrl + fn + F2 combination.  When I press that combo, I do see a little list box pops up and asks me to choose the username/password that I would like for the site - however, when I choose the correct one, nothing happens.  Please keep in mind I am still logged in the F-Secure Key app.


This issue happens most on Mac from Chrome browser.  I haven't yet tested the other browsers, but it doesn't happen *as much* on mobile phone.  I am currently using  4.4.3 Android KitKat.  But it does happen every once in a while in mobile phone as well.


Any suggestion or fix for this bug?  Thank you.


Re: Autofill - Does not work



Not sure... of course...


But with that instruction


Can be something new, which can to help for you?!


Or already all that steps done?


Re: Autofill - Does not work

Also.. if websites/Chrome have any pop-ups/panels durng fill-step... maybe it break "focus" on form.. and fill not happened.

If it not visible.. that something same have....

So.. it related with something, which more "trouble".


Or something around that: