The "Cancel your subscription" button is missing from the Subscription page on My F-Secure account


I want to cancel my F-Secure SAFE or TOTAL subscription but I cannot find the "cancel your subscription" button on the My F-Secure account.


The "Cancel your subscription" button will only be shown on the My F-Secure Subscription page if you have chosen automatic renewal as the subscription renewal type. Automatic renewal requires the use of either a credit card or PayPal as the payment option. 

To cancel the subscription auto-renewal:
  1. Log in to My F-Secure portal
  2. Click on Subscription button.
  3. Under the "Current subscription" click on Cancel your subscription
Note: This will cancel the automatic renewal but your subscription will continue to remain valid until the end of your current subscription. Your subscription will not be renewed after this.
If you have chosen manual renewal as the subscription renewal type, the subscription will be automatically cancelled if you do not manually initiate a renewal before the expiry date. 

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