F-Secure Computer Protection or Client Security 14.xx installation fails with error "conflicting Oneclient product already installed"


When installing F-Secure Computer Protection or Client Security 14.xx, the following error message is logged: Conflicting Oneclient product already installed.


This error indicates that either F-Secure Computer Protection or F-Secure Client Security 14.xx has been previously installed on the computer. The uninstallation of the previous product has left some leftover files on the computer which are conflicting with the new installation.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Download the Oneclient-compatible uninstallation tool (Uninstallation Tool for Windows - Client Security 13.x & 14.x, Computer Protection, and Rapid Detection Service) from the Support tools page.
  2. Run the tool.
Here is a direct link to the tool.

Article no: 000011403

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