slow application operation (LAN)


slow application operation (LAN)


I have a problem after updating the software to the version 13.10 (F-secure Client Security Premium). 

The problem is the slow operation of the application in LAN network. 
Login process and daily work in applications they are about 30% slower.
I tried change the settings (advanced -> real time protection->excluded objects) and still works slowly.
The problem does not occur on the version 12.32 (IP addres added in excluded objects), in this version everything works fine. Example : login process (ERP system application) waiting 15 seconds (version 12.32 waiting 1 second).
I will be grateful for the tips.


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Sławomir Jura


Betreff: slow application operation (LAN)

might be "pending reboot needed"
Try to reboot the system (not shutdown/restart!!!)

see my comment here:

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Betreff: slow application operation (LAN)

Thx for response.

I tried, the problem has not been solved. Computers still work slowly (ERP software).
Evidently the software (F-secure 13.10) is scanning something.