"Alert Removal Tool" feedback thread


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Is there a mistake in the instruction?

The string I put to the registry isn't work "-DodbcConnectorEnabled=true".

I think that correct string is "-DodbcConnectorEnabled".

I'm right?

Could you change readme.txt?


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Re: "Alert Removal Tool" feedback thread




The string in the readme is correct. Did you use clipboard to paste the data? As the readme has it, this will not work.

To fix the issue, open the relevant registry path and delete the hyphen ("-") in front of the string then re-enter the character.


Then repeat steps 4 and 5 (start + stop service).


Any help?


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Re: "Alert Removal Tool" feedback thread



Please note that Policy Manager 10.01 provides a possibility to remove alerts. You can continue using the alert removal tool if you wish, but it's probably handier and less error-prone to do that in PM Console.


Re: "Alert Removal Tool" feedback thread

So far, I haven't found any problems using it. I just followed the whole instruction provided and it works.