f-secure for workstation deinstalleiren


f-secure for workstation deinstalleiren


I am new and almost without no knowledge about f-secure.

I need to remove "f-secure for workstation 11.5" form dozen of machines  using the management console. The problem is, i have no idea how to make it.

Would someone give me a little hint?

Thank you

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Re: f-secure for workstation deinstalleiren

Hi @Rhodi,


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Re: f-secure for workstation deinstalleiren

Hello Rhodi,


To uninstall a product, in Policy Manager Console switch to Installation tab.

Select a specific host or sub-domain and press "Uninstall" button:




You will need to provide the same installer jar you used for installation in further dialog.


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Re: f-secure for workstation deinstalleiren



If the JAR file is not available any more for older versions, then the sysadmin could theoretically create a "scheduled task" parameter in the PM console and specify the "uitool" utility program in a generic job type.


However, I don't know if this method defeats the end-user interactive step required in the "uitool" uninstallation wizard?


Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.