Window Policy Server manage Linux Client ?


Window Policy Server manage Linux Client ?

Dear All,


As captioned, is it feasible to manage linux client(e.g. Linux Sercurity Server Edition) by using Policy manager installed in WIndows(11.3) ?


By looking at the GUI , it seems that I can only add the Windows host as managed client.



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F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: Window Policy Server manage Linux Client ?

Hi Keuthwong,


You should be able to manage your Linux Security clients with Policy Manager on Windows.


Note from the admin guide p21 :


If your corporate network utilizes F-Secure Policy Manager to configure and manage F-Secure products, you can add the product to the existing F-Secure Policy Manager environment.

Note: You cannot use the Anti-Virus mode of F-Secure Policy Manager Console to administer Linux products. Use the Advanced mode. Use the settings in the F-Secure Linux Security > Settings tabs to configure the product.

Note: You can edit the settings under F-Secure Security Platform for Linux, F-Secure Management Agent and F-Secure Automatic Update Agent branches to change the behavior of the product as well.

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