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You can check the setting from Policy Manager console (in advanced mode) F-Secure -> F-Secure DeepGuard -> Settings -> Use Real-Time Protection Network

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DeepGuard protection is enabled


DeepGuard Enabled = Enabled

Use Real-time Protection Network = Enabled

Enhanced Process Monitoring Enabled = Disabled 


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is the http-proxy configured correctly? ORSP-Servers are located in the internet!


Check system proxy (proxycfg.exe on XP)

When you have the ORSP working propperly, clear Application Control as explained before.

Set Application control to "Do not prompt for applications that Deepguard has identified"

and "Do not prompt for Applications identified by Realtime protection network"


Then report back.



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Sorry for being quiet...
I own U a "solution" on this one. After making some test I found out that it works with ORSP servers only when "user decision" option set under Application control.
With my configuration ("Deny") all application are blocked even with ORSP enabled

thx for Ur time


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Good thing this problem has already been answered. It really saves me a lot of time. Thanks a lot.