SS 9.20 klients moving to new PMS


SS 9.20 klients moving to new PMS

We have some issues with the old PMS-server and therfor decided to establish a new server from scratch.

The idea was to migrate the clients fra old PMS to ned PMS using the console.


New management-URL was typed into the PMS but for some reason nothing happened.

Then I changed the URL for the management server directly on on some serveres. That trigged them to register OK on the new PMS, pulling definition-updates and softwaredownloads but NOT policies :-(


I guess I need some kind of klient-reset on the servers to initiate communications with the new PMS, but how??


Result: I now have a partly functioning system with clients (only servers). They pull updates, but do not seem to report back to PMS.


Steps I have performed:

  • Build new PMS with same version as the old (10.10)
  • Import database from old PMS on the new, including encryption keys.
  • Changed URL to PMS on the old PMS to reflect new PMS URL (no reaction)
  • Changed management URL directly on host - system now partly working.

The old PMS is still alive - and will continue so until this communication-problem is resolved.


Any ideas how to reset comm?


F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: SS 9.20 klients moving to new PMS

Hello InfraDK,


Please refer to the following thread to see the instructions set and different steps needed to migrate successfully a Policy manager installation.


Hope that helps you troubleshoot your issue.

Best Regards



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Re: SS 9.20 klients moving to new PMS

Thanks for info.

I beliieve I did as described, but it didn't quite fix the problem. Serverclients don't react, but PC-clients do!


I noticed an other issue that I have to deal with first:

Some of the servers acutally claim to have Signature problems, so the first step is to re-install all defective clients again.

When that is done, I will attempt a fresh export/import of the db and migrate as described.