Proxy Authentication failed


Proxy Authentication failed



In a small offce I deployed some instances of F-Secure Client Security 9.32 in standalone mode. Unfortunately they cannot get updates through the proxy (ISA Server 2006) even if I set CS to use the browser proxy (browser works fine with the proxy). F-Secure log reports:


[ 3564]Mon Dec 31 10:40:56 2012(2):  Connecting to (no BW proxy, proxy.intranet.lan:8080)...
[ 3564]Mon Dec 31 10:40:56 2012(3):  Update check failed. There was an error connecting via http proxy proxy.intranet.lan:8080 (Proxy Authentication failed).


Different problem but same result if I manually set the proxy configuration with authentication information (domain is mandatory):


[ 3564]Mon Dec 31 10:37:55 2012(2):  Connecting to (no BW proxy, http://milan\itk7002:<password>@@proxy.intranet.lan:8080/)... [ 3564]Mon Dec 31 10:37:55 2012(3):  Update check failed. There was an error connecting via http proxy http://milan\itk7002:<password>@@proxy.intranet.lan:8080/ (DNS lookup failure)


Clients are not in the same domain as ISA Server or are not in domain at all.


Any idea on how to get F-Secure to log on the proxy successfully?


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F-Secure Product Expert

Re: Proxy Authentication failed


Manually configuring the proxy in Automatic Update Agent settings to provide the authentication information should work. The generic syntax is:

http://domain\user:http-password@http-proxy-host-name:<http-proxy port>



Refer to and suggest validating your password. E.g. using the @ symbol in the password will cause problems as this is used to separate userinfo from hostname portion.

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